Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a sunny day! It's cold outside but sun is shining. I don't ask for more :). It's great. I feel spring is coming.

I didn't have enough time to make something now but don't worry :)! I have still a lot pictures of my old items. For example necklaces. They have around one year now. And they are still in my bag waiting for new owners. Blue-pink one I kept for myself. I like wearing it very much. I remember I was quite happy with results of my work. I like flowers so flower necklace looks good on me ;). 

I hope my blog is interesting or will be... for someone. I know I'm new here. I need time to gain new followers, but I'm glad I already have two :). It's worth to continue keep doing it. Meanwhile I can practice my English. I know it's far away from perfection.

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  1. Bardzo fajne te naszyjniki...niezwykle oryginalne ;)


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