Hi! I am Barbara. I am 27 (I always forgot what number should go there...) years old, introvert, a bit scatterbrained, Polish girl living in the Netherlands. I did my bachelor in Landscape Architecture. Now I am doing a Master in Geo-Information Science. I have many passions and interests. I think they will describe me best so I will just list them below.

I really love to make things by my own. There are many techniques I tried and there is much more I want to try. Creating new things lets me relax (crocheting is my number 1 at this point). This blog was created because of the need to share my handmade ideas with the world. I hoped that I can give something nice to my readers and inspire them. I am trying to show here as much as I can, trying new techniques, experimenting and inspiring. Be inspired and inspire me!
I am an postcard addict, I really am! If you do not know what postcrossing is check it out here. I wrote there what is it about. If you like to exchange a postcard with me, feel free to contact me! I will be happy to send you a postcard and receive one from you. Believe me - it is so much fun!
I love to travel. Of course there is always not enough time and money but when I have both of them I am exploring new places. I like to meet new people (even I am introvert ;)), absorb as much as I can from the foreign culture and enjoy the atmosphere of the new places.

I am addicted to tea! Maybe it is not relevant here but (as it is a big part of me). My motto is: a day without a tea is a wasted day. Of course I am writing those words with a cup full tea. Actually most of the posts I wrote were written by me with a cup of tea.